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July 2007

Sharue Siamese & Seychellois

Name: Sylvia Hauser
Location: Hayes, Middlesex
Breeding since:  Pre-1970!

All photos courtesy of Sylvia Hauser (right).

Tell us a bit about you:
Well, first I have two wonderful sons, Jay now 18 and Scott 17. I am SO proud that Jay has just been offered a place at Thames Valley University and Scott has been accepted at Uxbridge College - I have been a single mum since 1991, so feel I have done a good job bringing my sons up the right way - in fact I am over the moon :-)))   Both my sons have followed in my footsteps in motor racing, I raced dragsters from 1973 until I retired in 1986 to have a family.

(left: Sylvia "The Blonde Bombshell" Hauser in action at Santa Pod Raceway 1981)

Why did you choose your breed(s)?
I always understood that the Siamese cat was the most intelligent of the domestic cat species, and wanted one for years; finally in 1970 I bought my first pet siamese kitten, from (I now realise) an unscrupulous and unregistered breeder! I never did get the pedigree and vaccination certificate promised to me and finally went to her home only to find three siamese locked in a filthy dirty old shed – without food or water and knee deep in faeces and urine, it was dreadful.

The husband came out and started shouting at me, as I had climbed over the back garden fence when I heard the crying and wails coming from the back, I thought a cat was hurt or locked in somewhere and obviously had to rescue it. He told me that his wife had left him and gone off with his best friend and he did not want the cats, so shut them in the garden shed and, basically, left them to die.

I asked him what he planned to do about them, he said “Nothing”. Then I asked him how much he wanted for all three (in a usual moment of madness when rescuing animals) he said £100 which was a lot of money in those days, I only had £19 odd and he said I could take one of them for that so I picked the one that looked in the worst condition, paid the man and took the poor soul directly to my vet, who said “Now what have you rescued?”.

To cut a very long story short, the vet and I called the Cats Protection League and RSPCA and informed them of the name and address of the offender, and the remaining two were rescued and re-homed by the CPL.

Why/how did you start breeding?
Little did I know when I “rescued” the tabby siamese cat "Tabitha" (right - from the Beaumaris line of Anne Gregory), who was four years old, in dreadful condition – and pregnant – OMG divorce immnent … my ex-husband was not an animal lover, sadly his family had never allowed pets, not even a goldfish or budgie, very sad.

So regarding the beginning of my breeding – it was totally unplanned and un-expected!

However, since I was 7yrs old I had bred for colour, type and temperament – MICE! I had tried for years to breed a pure black female, all I ever got was black males with nasty temperaments, so with a bunch of kittens seemingly on the way, I gave up my Mice program and started getting ready for something a bit bigger – gawd what had I done!  It was bad enough that I had rescued various animals over the years, many pregnant, but to “buy” a pregnant siamese – oh dear what had I done?

However, we had 6 wonderful babies and I was immediately smitten and refused to sell any of them – but was eventually forced to part with my children by my ex-hubby.  I found wonderful homes for all of them and cried every time one left me – I had to have more!!

Why did you choose your prefix?
My prefix, "Sharue", is an anagram of my surname Hauser (my horse/pony-breeding prefix is also an anagram, "Ashuer" Arabians, and my prefix with my Pomeranian doggies is “Fluffypups” – which describes them perfectly).

When were your most memorable occasions as a breeder?
My most memorable occasion as a breeder is when my rescued first siamese Tabitha waited for me to get home from work and came to greet me towing a kitten behind her with the placenta still not released!  She ran across the living room, towing this poor baby behind her - "look what I have got for you!"  OMG what do I do now?! but God bless her, she did it all and my first siamese litter were born.

However, I guess the very most memorable occasion was when my Sunny (Grand Champion Sharue Sun Prince - above left, with his litter mates, and below right), who was only 1 year old, with only one CC, went BEST OF BREED at the Supreme Show, he was in the pre-champion class, and took the title over ALL THE MALES AND FEMALES, GRANDS AND CHAMPIONS – good grief, did it cause a stir!  However, the judge was Pat Neale, who is still one of the best seal point judges on the GCCF circuit.

My other most memorable occasion was when Sunny got his 3rd CC and became a champion, at the time I was with Margaret and Bill Lord of Lovinamist Siamese – breeders of Seal Point Siamese for many years, now retired, lovely people and lovely cats.  Sheila Hamilton gave Sunny his 3rd CC and I was over the moon. Sheila also is an excellent GCCF seal point judge, so I am proud to receive these awards for my lovely boy – no brown on my nose!

Who were/are the most memorable cats you've had?
I waited for two years to import my beautiful Lacota (IC D-Shiva’s Lacota Warpaint, Seychellois SYS n 03).  He arrived at my home in January 2008, and was on antibiotics when he arrived.  As soon as he had finished the medication, I saw that he was losing weight.

He was so sweet and gentle for a two-year-old stud boy - he lived in my bedroom and slept in my bed with me, he was a wonderful partner and I thought I had finally found a cat to fill the big hole in my heart from losing my Sun Prince (through a veterinary error),

This was not to be, and I struggled with Lacota for many weeks, watching him going downhill.  Vets tests showed nothing wrong, poor soul, but it now seems that all the damage had been done before he arrived in the UK.  The Post Mortem results showed his liver, kidneys and all major organs were in a dreadful condition, his white blood cell count was, according to my vet, “in the clouds”, and they found e-coli in his lungs, my poor little man.  He had been given so many antibiotics whilst with his breeder the damage was irreversible and sadly my man died on 3rd April 2007.

What are your hopes for the future of your breed/your breeding programme?
My hopes and plans are to again acquire a Seychellois and breed wonderful Seychellois Siamese, they are so pretty – and, sadly, Lacota was an especially stunning example of this new breed.  I cannot replace Lacota, but I can start my Seychellois again hopefully soon.  I have things in the pipeline and have many good friends abroad, so watch this space!

Is there anything else you'd like to mention?
I am now actively breeding caramel Siamese, which I love the colour of, it is so pretty and I am lucky enough to own a caramel tabby female from a caramel/lilac based line, so colour will be good. The mating with my lovely lilac male produced wonderful babies – see my website at for details.

Sylvia Hauser

July 2007



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